Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A close encounter with a Humpback Whale

30 nautical miles east of Nantucket


Amz said...

I went whale watching in California once. I will never forget how SCARED I was when we actually found some and got close. I knew that whales were big, but when face to face with them omg...I was stunned how large they truely are. No way on God's green earth is anyone getting me to swim in the ocean now ;)

Phil said...

This one was so close to our boat, my camcorder got wet from the tail hitting the water. At one point a pod of whales came straight for us. I had to ask my brother "Do whales ever hit boats?". The answer was no, and my brother has been fishing offshore for many many years so I trusted him and we didn't get hit. Under no circumstances was I going in that water either.