Monday, November 13, 2006

The Victoria Memorial at the centre of the Queen's Gardens in front of Buckingham Palace


Phil said...

Yesterday I decided to take the train in to London (I'm in the UK on a business trip) and had the good fortune of being there for much of Rememberence Day 2006. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my digital camera with me, so I took some pics with my cell phone. I walked from Waterloo to Parliament, past the emotional ceremonies, over to St. Pauls park, to Buckingham Palace, over to Picadilly circus and up Regent Street to Oxford St, down through Soho. Finally close to Trafalgar Sq at 6pm I stumbled upon the Sports Cafe where they show American Football games. A great day ended on a sour note when I watched the Patriots lose to the Jets. But even that couldn't prevent the great day I had walking in London. Mad respect to the heros that I saw, our allies, the veterans of war.

Amz said...

wow i see you have been posting about as regularly as i have! lol

Suesjoy said...

This is an incredible photo!
wow - I love it.