Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Phil goes 'In the attic'


Phil said...

I've been watching 'In the attic' since the very first episode, I even have the DVD of that 1st season. ITA is an online musical variety show put on by Rachel Fuller, Mikey Cuthbert, & Pete and Simon Townsend. over the years they have had some amazing guests including the Frattelis, Mika, Billy Corgan, Martha Wainwright, Ryan Adams, and many more. I was blown away when I met Pete and he allowed me in to get an better look at the operation. Yesterday the guest was Adele, I think we will be hearing about her in the coming years for sure. I really appreciate how friendly the whole crew from In the attic are, it was an amazing experience. Check out their website:

Phil said...

I forgot to describe my pictures!
The first one is the Thames river in London. The 2nd & 3rd are pictures including the airstream which they will be taking on the road to various musical festivals this summer. Oh yeah, that is Pete Townsend in the black suit!!! And the last picture is Mikey & me.

Lucy said...

Aw, Nice! (not meant to sound like Ownslow) (sp?)

Lucy said...

So did Pete take the pic of you? :-)

lryicsgrl said...

How wonderful for you!!!! But, what were you doing there? I mean, were you there on official Red Sox business? ;)

This is a really wonderful journey that Pete and Rachel are taking us on.....they are truly amazing souls. I'm glad I had the pleasure to meet their aquaintance. And, it always pleases me to hear about other peoples experiences, too!

Thanks for sharing....I hope I get to "catch" your appearance on the loop

Phil said...

Hi lyricsgrl-
I'm actually in the UK on a business trip. Since the company I work for has an office over here I am in the UK 3 or 4 times a year. I always hope to be here when ITA has a gig but it never worked out until last night. I know they didn't have an official gig but I decided to take an adventure and try to find where they film ITA and I got lucky. This really made my trip, otherwise it would have been pretty boring. And it looks like yesterday was the only day it won't be rainy this week too, or it would have been tough because it's a long walk to and from the train station. How about those Red Sox? Did I mention we are already 14.5 games ahead of the Yankees as of today?

And Lucy- no that wasn't Pete taking the picture. But I did get to spend a while talking to him and he really is a musical genius and a down to earth friendly guy. Not exactly what I would expect from a rock & roll superstar. When he approached me I figured he was going to tell me to get the F out of here which would have been completely reasonable since I looked like a nutter/paparazzi!

tink said...

Hi Phil,
thanks for sharing your episode! lol I'm so duh, that I didn't even catch the fact that a "blogger" was on the set. Slowwwww connector here. I stupidly wrote on the blog "yay! bloggers!" doh.

The photos are very nice. You took quite a chance and it turned out so well!

I, too, had been a closet blogger with ITA for quite some time. The other bloggers inspired me to just jump in. It feels redundant sometimes, but what the heck.

On the original TBWHM, I was reading for probably 3 months before I felt comfortable enough to jump in.

We're from the same general area. I'm down the Southcoast/New Bedford area, originally born/raised in Illinois near Chicago. I miss home and want to go back. Loving the ocean but miss my peeps.

Well, take care and go RED SOX. Thanks for the link.

xo tink

Phil said...

Thanks Tink!

So were you watching the ITA episode when they mentioned a blogger on the set? I was shocked and then Rachel even shouted out my name. I was almost speechless being there after watching from afar for so many years. I almost felt like I knew them and they were old friends but I was wicked nervous to be speaking with Pete mostly. And Mikey was really cool too, and was happy to get a picture with me. I needed some evidence that I was really there.

I enjoyed TBWHM and I left some posts on the comments sections. I always like to leave positive feedback especially when there are trolls leaving moronic messages. I meant to download all of the chapters before it went offline but never did.


stankees yuck

pictures of lily said...

So cool Phil!!
You are just below me in MA. I'm in NH!!
...and a Red Sox fan AND they are kicking some baseball a** eh??

Thanks for sharing :-)


pictures of lily said...

Thanks Phil, miss those pints!! Even though I left at an early age..

Have a safe trip back, Sox are on against the Indians tonight!!

Nice to meet you!

Gary said...

Great pictures and story Phil. That's really cool that you were able to meet them. They are such a cool group of people, especially Mikey. We met Rach and Mikey right there at Oceanic Dec of 2005, then again in LA at Barnes & Noble and it was like meeting an old friend. I'm really excited and happy for you.

Lucy said...

Hi again Phil. Thanks for answering the photo question. And neat take on what it was like talking to Pete.

Me, I feel I blog way too much. It's funny, coz I'm totally different in real life -- much more reticent. I guess our personalities come out in different ways.

Yes, I heard Rachel yelling out that there was a blogger on the site and then she said your name. To be honest, my first impression was that she was irritated -- but maybe I just misunderstand her sometimes. Glad to hear it was all right. (I took her punters comment a little the wrong way too.. maybe I just don't understand her fully, like I said. Anyway, I'm sure they're sweet people.)

- other Lucy ;-)

(and once again, AWESOME pics!! Awesome blog piece)

tink said...

Yes, Phil. That's exactly it. I was watching the broadcast, and didn't really catch what was happening. I just heard the word "bloggers" and typed Yay! Bloggers!

Lucy, I swear ... it's so weird. I just wrote to Atomicelroy 2 days ago about what it's like blogging, as I'm rather reticent and often shy in person. I used to have a mild stutter that embarrassed the heck out of me. It pops up when I'm nervous. The thoughts come tumbling out of my fingers. When I'm comfy and often in writing, it's total blabbermouth. :o)

Some days it's like that. Some days it feels like a huge effort to write anything.

I am still so amazed that Phil took the chance he did. I don't think I could do that, but would really enjoy meeting the ITA group of people. Maybe with sufficient motivation and someone
else's clangers. Kind of like in Kindergarten: Let's hold hands, and we'll crash the set!

lol ;o)

You guys are honestly fabulous. You motivate me and give me courage to just be.

xo tink