Sunday, July 15, 2007

WBRU Summer Concert Series July 12th 2007

The Academy Is...
TAI were excellent!
The Plan White Tee's


Phil said...

On Thursday night July 12th we went to see the WBRU Summer Concert Series at Providence (R.I.) Piers. 'The Academy is...' were awesome, you will be hearing about these guys in the future for sure. My teenage girls were totally psyched to meet TAI during the PWT show, and those guys were very friendly and cool to come out and meet the fans and take lots of pictures, sign autographs, etc. 'The Plain White Tee's' were pretty good too, but they shouldn't have been headlining this show.

Phil said...

The top 2 pics are "The Academy is..." and the 3rd pic is "The Plain White T's"